About Us

Who are we?

We are KIANS, a company that wants to excite your taste buds with our gourmet products. Our filter coffees have been a hit in Bombay's clubs and gymkhanas since the 1950s. Back then, we were called J E Mody & Sons. Today we are back with a wide assortment of honey, coffee, and other delights, crafted to enhance your eating experience.

What do we stand for?

We craft our products to give you the best, and that's the only truth! KIANS stands for quality grade format. We promise to deliver you fine quality products.

And how?

By picking the right ingredients from the right place. We pick the best coffee beans with immense care to give your coffee the pop you long. Our coffee seeds are roasted and grounded in Industry Standard Approved equipment.
Here ' s a secret... we also pamper the beans with all our love and give your coffee that exceptional flavour. Don't worry! We give our second child- our honey- equal importance and love. Our honey comes from different parts of India. We test its quality for you and retain its originality during the processing. We then blend the honey into 8-flavourful varieties without any adulterations. Our journey in search of the finest ingredients helps us deliver the warmth of pure honey. Here ' s a secret... Allow our honey, coffee, and, other products to fill your platter with the essence of goodness. Get our concoction of premium ingredients packaged with love for you. Our suppliers, too, have a standard to meet. Together, our production and supply team makes sure that you get your hands on foods that are only full of necessary ingredients. With you by our side, we strive to be recognized as a company that puts together packaged foods that are exclusively quality graded.

Our mission

By now, you must have guessed that our mission is to deliver gourmet products to you. Our tagline reads, "Quality for Mankind" , and our goal is to enhance your platter with flavour, goodness, and superior ingredients.
The second thing on our mission list... is to make a presence in the online and offline markets. Only after winning the trust of wonderful customers like you can we grow. We, therefore, promise to ensure that our quality remains prime forever. Our goal is to be available in the retail stores closest to you so that you can enjoy our best products whenever you wish. Oh! And to make things more convenient for you, we will also be available online soon.
In the long run ... While we have 8-varieties of honey and 2- types of coffee for you to experience, we are happy to announce that we will be rolling out new products too. What all you ask? We will have: •Chocolates, which delight the young and the old alike •Healthy dry fruits to keep you on your toes at all times •Sauces for you to experiment with •Spreads to enjoy the joyous meals of the day •Jams, the perfect accompaniment for your bread on your picnics

Our Vision

Our vision is to win your trust in us with these products too. And we are sure we will as we're currently testing these treats for you. Our Research and Development team ensures that you taste the finest eats with us.