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Forest Honey

Forest Honey

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Forest honey is procured from the Corbett belt from a local source of wildflowers.
The taste, colour and composition of forest honey can vary depending upon the
variety of flowers in bloom at the time the honey is made.

The value of honey depends upon the flowers and a variety of herbal and medicinal
plants where the bees collect the nectar this happens in the heart of lush green
forests where the blooming plants are fresh and in abundance. The honey foragers
collect the honey from these forests and give you nature’s best in a jar.

Forest honey is naturally rich in anti-oxidants and therefore, boosts your immunity.
It has a strong flavour and fragrance that not only appetizes but also appeases your

Naturally rich with enzymes, vitamins and minerals, it stimulates digestion and
supports weight loss. Forest honey can be anti-fungal and anti-viral too.

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